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Government Accountability

I am a firm believer that elected officials have one overarching task in representing the people: making government work for the community it serves. If elected, I plan to do everything I can to make government more accessible, more open, and more friendly to working people. Tom Cilmi, our current County Legislator, has long fought to make our county budget process less opaque by opening up the hearings to the public. In office, Carla will continue that fight, and additionally work to move those hearings to a time that is accessible to working people across Suffolk County. Additionally, I will work to make resources and services offered by our government more accessible to the taxpayer, making sure our community gets its fair share. Finally, I will maintain a newsletter and be highly communicative on social media platforms, that way if government is doing something, you are fully aware. For far too long, local government has operated in the shadows, overruling the will of the people behind closed doors. I am ready to shine a light and bring the process of government to everyone in the community.

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