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Protecting The Environment

I believe firmly in environmental protection and justice. Growing up in Hauppauge, I used to live right across the street from what is now a decommissioned landfill. Because of this experience, I know firsthand the effects of dumping in our communities. I know what it is like to wake up and sometimes be unable to use our home’s water and deal with the toxic fumes that landfills emit. Hauppague fought hard to close that landfill, and succeeded, and now I am passionate about helping other communities achieve the same. Today, I am an active member and advocate with BLARG, a group fighting to close the Brookhaven Landfill in North Bellport. I recognize that we live on an island, and that environmental issues are inter-sectional and interconnected. All too often, disadvantaged and under-resourced communities, especially communities of color, bear the brunt of dumping and other environmental ills. As a County Legislator, I will fight to end these injustices and more.

Additionally, I care deeply about our water quality on Long Island. The water we drink impacts our health every day, and polluted water can do serious damage to our children’s development. I will make sure we continue to not only meet, but exceed standards on water safety.
Finally, I am acutely aware of the impact of the climate crisis on our communities. This district contains significant coastline, and sea-level rise is a serious threat. I will fight to not only ensure Suffolk County does its part in the fight to stop climate change, but will also make sure our communities are prepared for the effects of the changes to come. Additionally, I feel these coming changes provide our community with a unique opportunity to energize our economy. Working with unions and other legislators in all levels of government, I will fight to ensure that Suffolk County becomes a leader in green technology, helping power New York, the East Coast, and the entire country.

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