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Caring For Our Children

As a mom, I believe that it is unacceptable for the needs of any community to be neglected by our government, and the enrichment of our children is no exception. Certain communities in the district, particularly Central Islip, have a dramatic lack of activities for children, a social crisis that fuels crime and misbehavior. Even beyond the communities hit hardest by government neglect, services for our children in all communities across the district have significant room for improvement. As your Suffolk County Legislator, I will work with nonprofits and other entities to enhance extracurricular activities for children across the district. I will do all I can to create new programs, and expand existing programs for our children. Most importantly, I will make sure extracurricular enrichment programs are present in every community, and are accessible to working-class families. Whether a child wants to pursue art, play hockey, or hit home runs, they should have the opportunity to do what they love in their home community. Keeping kids busy and involved in engaging activities is one of the best crime mitigation efforts we have, and is critical to the emotional, mental, and physical health of our children. Kids who are kept active in their youth are set up for success later in life, and it is critical that all children have the opportunity to succeed they deserve. 

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